The menu Widex series has all the features you need, without creating additional costs offers you the chance to choose.

The basic option MENU, a comfortable hearing for great hearing experience. ZEN relaxation or if you need the additional features that provide better hearing in noisy environments our program, hearing aid can be easily adapted according to your demands. 

No matter which model you choose in the menu which is always clearer and more natural you'll sound .

According to your needs, you can choose any of the following Widex features

  • If you want to hear me talk in different ways (HD LOCATOR)
  • If you want to increase the effectiveness of reducing unwanted noise and speech (SPEECH ENHANCER )
  • If you want to hear high frequency sounds like birds (AUDIO EXPANDER )
  • If you want to take control of the effects of tinnitus (ZEN)
  • To reduce the risk of crowing (if you want, feedback reduction system)

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