Resound Enya

For many people hearing loss is staggered. This may not be easy to notice. You'll notice some things. It is difficult to follow conversations and this is too tiring for you. Some of the sounds that enrich your daily life you can forget Enya's sounds resound like a bird... excellent sound quality, you'll put in less effort to get a taste of all the richness of life
it means that. You will have more energy to spend quality time with your loved ones.


  • Adaptive speech intelligibility in noisy environments and provides the versatility to clean.
  • Noise Tracker™ II (noise suppression) and WinGuard™ (wind noise suppression, thanks to a comfortable listening experience in noisy or windy environments.
  • DFS Ultra II™ eliminated by spend a relaxed day in the aftermath of the whistle.
  • Ear-to-ear communication thanks to only one by adjusting the sound level of a hearing aid or have the ability to change the program.
  • Internal Tinnitus sound generator™ to soothe the ear with tinnitus. Have a pleasant day.


Phone calls comfort enjoy. Enya ReSound ® wireless hearing aids, ReSound Unit™ Phone Clip+ easily matches directly into your ears with crystal clear calls and transfers. To stereo music or a favorite set up according to your hearing loss and your ears to transfers.

Can control the volume of your hearing device without using your phone, and you can change the program.



  • The TV Streamer 2 to your TV with your computer, you can have your music player and stereo audio streaming directly between.
  • A person that uses the mini microphone you can hear easily even in a noisy environment or at a distance.
  • With remote control 2 adjust the volume of your hearing device, you can turn down the volume or change the program.


  • ReSound Control™ allows you to control settings of a hearing aid sound and easy to program you.

These apps are available on iPhone and Android.

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