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For the first time in the world, all mobile devices with direct audio transfer. ReSound LiNX connect with quattro... more

Most new ReSound premium hearing aids.
The ongoing support from all over the world and with the option of personalization with you...
The world's most advanced rechargeable solution.
ReSound LiNX offers an excellent experience with you as to the finer details via layers of sound.

The first and only hearing device that makes Android and iPhone with audio transfer

GN Hearing Technology, and the Google partnership;
GN Hearing devices Android compatible mobile phones, tablets to develop a new technology that will make it possible to direct audio transfer, has signed a partnership with Google.
For the first time in the World, Android compatible mobile phones, tablets and other technological devices that transfer sound directly to a hearing aid from ReSound LiNX hearing aids to market the property, which will be the new Quattro TM with hearing aid users to the services will be presented.
The world's first digital hearing aid manufacturer GN is the Group with the operating system iOS mobile phones, tablets and other technological tools direct the hearing instrument behind the ear sound transfer of the feature (made for iPhone, mfi), in 2013 for the first time offered for hearing device users in 2015, and again for the first time in the world-ear hearing aids (custom) are presented to users with iOS devices feature direct audio transfer service.
Google engineering director Seang Chau; “according to the World Health Organization Worldwide approximately 466 million people have hearing loss, and this number is expected to rise to 900 million people by 2050. Google, Android compatible devices in future versions of the hearing aids is working to create a new open specification for, ” she says.
“For their Android devices which will allow you to transfer the sound from the hearing aid user more direct are honored to partner with Google for this important development.” Anders Hedegaard, CEO of GN Group,“this partnership between Google and a Group GN, and hearing professionals worldwide by developing new products and solutions with unique benefits for hearing aid users on how to promote innovation is another example of our efforts,” he says.

Rich Experience

ReSound LiNX with improved clarity and fullness of tone thanks to Quattro, favorite your environments get richer. The result is excellent sound quality.




December Sounds Wide

Artık ReSound LiNX Quattro ile mükemmel ses deneyiminizde neredeyse hiç sınır yoktur ve daha ince detaylarda duyabilirsiniz. Hem alçak hem de yüksek perdeli sesler daha doğal ve toktur. Daha yüksek frekanslı sesler rahat, keskin ve bozulmadan iletilir. Kuşların cıvıltısı çocukların kahkaha sesleri gibi sesler ve müzikteki notalar artık daha erişilebilir ve keyifli.

  • Müzik dinlemede, ReSound LiNX Quattro, diğer premium işitme cihazlarıyla karşılaştırıldığında % 95 oranında daha fazla tercih edilmektedir.

More sound effects and rhythm

At home watching television when he answered his phone when he goes to work by train when visiting the city and a full-time basis on you can hear all the sounds and move more.
ReSound LiNX Quattro, the source of the sound any clearer, fuller, richer lets you hear. The finest detail you can enjoy the notes and sounds.
It was directed to all of them directly from your hearing aids.

Feel Safe On The Phone

Phone calls clearer, no longer in a way you can do it. Research, directly with a phone call the sound your hearing devices aktarildig compared with normal incoming calls, your calls 50% of the shows that you understand more.
Users who attempt to transfer audio directly from your iPhone to other premium hearing device according to 64% of Quattro at a rate of ReSound LiNX they were satisfied with the sound quality.

More Impact On TV

Listen to the news, watch movies, and discover music. Listen with the clarity that you set by yourself; you can chat with them and listens to them the rest of your family.

ReSound Assist: support and customization from anywhere

More Specific Hearing Control

Assist ReSound, creating a revolution in hearing aid fittings. At home, at work or on vacation Assist ReSound, fine tuning, adjustments and updates for ReSound Smart device application allows you to send the request from the TM 3D. - And you can get your settings directly from your audiologist.

More Support Each Step

After trying to update settings that your hearing professional you can easily send a feedback score. Continues to support in this way, you can be sure that you are pleased with your hearing professional and New progress.

ReSound to assist those who have tried before, they receive the extra attention, appreciates the convenience and ease of use.


  • %83 “the application is very easy to ask for help from”
  • 89 %of “very easy to apply the new Settings from the application”
  • %77 “the new settings has improved my experience of hearing"

The World's Most Advanced Rechargeable Solution

ReSound LiNX hearing aids offers the most advanced rechargeable Quattro.
Fully insulated with a lithium-ion battery, Small, different sizes and a long-lasting battery with any battery have to deal with
without having full power for more than a day you would have. At night, to prepare your hearing aids inductive, easy-to-use the charger in the box place the next day, from morning to night, fully rechargeable, you can enjoy a solution.

Use with a full charge
24-hour battery life and even enjoy television, music or other sounds while listening to gives you the possibility to even use for a long time.

With refresh fast charge
If you're on the move, or if you forget to recharge it at night if you are traveling, you can access the power quick and long lasting throughout the day.
The freedom to charge anywhere

Stylish and functional Charging Box
Can easily fit into a suitcase or travel bag, safe with the smallest premium devices on the market with the charger and high power, you can use your hearing. With you wherever you go...

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