Resound Vea

ReSound® provides excellent sound by offering new hearing solutions that combine original thinking and design of reliable technology; a vast insight and understanding is based on limited audiologic hearing all of these are profound.Resound Vea, the same applies.

ReSound Vea™ gives an excellent sound experience, a lot of people. Advanced feed-back even in challenging conditions, management system, feed-backs are eliminated. High-tech noise reduction voice sharpening. Integrated wind noise Management™ and SoftSwitching™ Adaptive Directionality multifunctional you feel relaxed and loud outside the function
allows you to understand speech in environments.


Less repair, the happier the customer. iSolate™ nanotech Coating ReSound™ device body, every part of inside and outside to protect it. Never does not hold moisture. ReSound Vea™ is also the Technical Services does not deal with you, in the ears of your customers is always running.

A product family. Six different models. Two technological level. Mounting a wide class. We have our formula for flexibility. You can solve in a practical way each of hearing loss, and you can provide the customer satisfaction in a way that will suit every taste. Abuse hearing abilities if it is going to ReSound Vea™ has sufficient capacity to meet the needs of strengthening the voice of your customers.


Advanced technology? Yes. Easy-to-wear? Yes. Simple to use? Yes. Aventa, autofit, and Logitech with the demands of the clients easily and quickly you can set up appropriately. In-Si Tu an accurate audiogram audiometry allows the ability to receive information anywhere, and also without a sound booth. ReSound Vea™ “plug and Go” concept you no
not much closer.


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