Scola Fm System

SCOLA is what?

Produced for Scola FM system hearing schools. Students with hearing loss in noisy environments weak even with Scola FM akustikli you can continue to listen.

SCOLA products

SCOLA FM radio includes a transmitter and receiver. FM receiver – SCOLA FLEX- known as the transmitter while the student teacher is positioned in the vicinity of the hearing device is connected.


Widex offers a wide variety of FM tuners for schools. SCOLA BUDDY, a neck cord is worn around the teacher's neck, and with SCOLA TEACH , are placed on the table or on a belt.


If you want to teach SCOLA the order of many teachers in team teaching which is very effective when talking you can use in conjunction with the property. This feature provides an extra feature such as talc Scola transmitter. If you have a student studying in different classes with hearing loss, the speaker channel automatic adjuster SCOLA CLASSMATE we recommend that you click.


Never stop the communication between a pupil and teacher of hearing loss shouldn't. SCOLA FM wireless hearing aid accessories with the the family, young and old all the students in the class they can hear everything that was said.

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